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Muj denik

My Diary

                                    August 2010

I met Zdenka for the first time in April 1980, only a few years after I started my business to deal with Czech paintings. Therefore our friendship continued for 30 years. In 1999 I organized her exhibition in Japan inviting Zdenka with her husband. We have so many nice common memories during long period.
During 30 years, various changes happened politically and economically in Czech. Of course, works of Zdenka also changed more or less.
However, from my personal point of view, artistic motivation of her works has not changed basically and that is why her works have been popular for long years among Japanese people.
Zdenka loves flowers from her garden and peaceful landscape of nearby countryside. Zdenka always dreams of happy vacation at seaside. Such kind of optimistic and pleasant motives are pictured on her canvas in vivid colors, bold composition and impasto texture.
Works of Zdenka reflect her tender and friendly personality.

By Kenji Hirashawa

EXHIBITION IN JAPAN                                                                              December 2008

Autor's exhibition of paintings in Japan in 1999.

After almost twenty-years of cooperation with the gallery Towo Art Centre I received an offer to exhibit 80 paintings in Tokyo along with an invitation to Japan for 22 days. The Japanese are always precise and they had a programme ready for me for every day of my stay. There were always vernissages and then a few days of sightseeing. I have to admit that I took my husband with me, because I wanted to share the beautiful experience with him.  
We stayed in a skyscraper with 35 floors, built so that it can withstand earthquakes – in Japanese standards a 3 + 1 flat with two loggias. There was a guard at the entrance, he greeted and welcomed us and exquisite music was playing there, while a fountain was spurting water.

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THE ENDS AND THE STARTS                                                                       January 2009
Some things begin and some things end. I had a magical end of the year 2008. Fair christmas holidays in the new house, which i by the way love so much. I live in this house with my husband, my dog Pipina, which we found all broken in a ditch and doctor Dominick Vlach had to screw her pelvis togheter, four cats, whom Pipina commands with an iron fist – even though she´s the smallest of them all – and in the lagoon next to the terase swims a flock of fish which we swim in the summer with. We were thinking out the house with my architect for a year and it´s got a soul. Sometimes in summer, when i´m not able to sleep, i walk around the terase and stroke the floors tiles, which are lined around the house and which are still hot from the sun and I think to myself, that this is the house where i want to pass away one day. Its huge windows wink at me, just like they were saying that that moment won´t come anywhere soon, that i still have to appreciate this beautiful house.


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