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Konce a začátky

My Diary

  THE ENDS AND THE STARTS                                                                           January 2009
Some things begin and some things end. I had a magical end of the year 2008. Fair christmas holidays in the new house, which i by the way love so much. I live in this house with my husband, my dog Pipina, which we found all broken in a ditch and doctor Dominick Vlach had to screw her pelvis togheter, four cats, whom Pipina commands with an iron fist – even though she´s the smallest of them all – and in the lagoon next to the terase swims a flock of fish which we swim in the summer with. We were thinking out the house with my architect for a year and it´s got a soul. Sometimes in summer, when i´m not able to sleep, i walk around the terase and stroke the floors tiles, which are lined around the house and which are still hot from the sun and I think to myself, that this is the house where i want to pass away one day. Its huge windows wink at me, just like they were saying that that moment won´t come anywhere soon, that i still have to appreciate this beautiful house.

I live through second Christmas in this house and I have to say it was like a fairy tale.

I have thougt to myself for a long time that ill buy real pearls for myself one day. I´ve been walking around luxurious shops in Prikopy and examined various string of pearls. I found out that pearls are expensive and very expensive, black, pink, white, sea pearls or river pearls. I was looking at these miracles of nature and i was thinking about sweetening my arrival to retirement with these pearls. I wanted to write in the old-age pension how the formulae sounds, but in the end I erased that terrible word. I was slowly encouragin myself to come in that luxury shop with elegant salesladies and say out loud : Can i get please this string of pearls. Somehow i could encourage myself enough and so I postponed it and looked forward for this wonderful moment.

Beneath the Christmas tree – i want o state beforehand that i have two great kids and we please each other presents - we were handing out each other wraped mysterious presents and my daughter Lucie also handed me one. Lucie is a woman in the best years, she´s thirty-six. She´s a calm and smart Acquarius with an easy look at life. I took the present and unwrapped it, there was something wrapped in a blue box folded in a white scarf made of silk. I was wondering what will it be. Then I unfolded the scarf.....In my hand lay a string of beautiful japanese pearls...

Speechless, i looked at Lucie. She watched my amazement, I looked again at these pearls and i didnt know what mothers say, when their daughter give them something they had not enough courage to buy.I said, of course, thank you, but i´ll never forget this moment. I wear the pearls and i love them.

So this was my nice surprise and i still had a celebration ahead, i´ve got my brithday in the middle of January. I invited my closest friends, they were twenty-six of them. I ordered refreshment and looked forward to it. I back up the principle, that when you dont want people to forget you, make a party and invite them. Two days before D-day i received and SMS that one of my good friends drove way fast to a curve and had not his seat belt on.....they tried to resuscitate him on the spot, but he.....passed away. I couldnt keep his blue eyes out of my mind. We loved him dearly with my husband. His wife, Marketa, his dog, house, bees....it was all left abandoned, like he just dropped by to the neighbouring village.

And so my experiences were beautiful, happy and also very sad and the year 2009 is still young.

The birthday party was, in a way, sorrofwul but what if this is my last birthday. At the party, my dear friend and singer Radka Fisarova sand in our living room one of her french chansones, it sounded beatiful and sad. Betwenn friends came to congratulate also a longtime friend of mine Juan Ricardo Braun – a shaman and journalist from Argentina.

And in the morning during breakfat came out a cold, winter sun, it came out just like every day.


On this photograph I´m with my friend Petra and Juan Ricardo Braun.